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Digital Infrastructure

We are the largest digital job distribution network

EmployerAdNetwork (EAN) owns and partners with a network of over 3,200 career sites. With over 10 million unique visitors and 50 million page views per month across our network, we are the pioneers of changing the way talent finds their next career opportunity.

Network Breakdown (Industry : Number of sites)

  • Health Care 830
  • Customer Service 688
  • Financial / Accounting 433
  • Retail 405
  • Non-profit / Volunteering 320
  • Administrative 265
  • Computer / Internet 321
  • Pharmaceutical / Bio-tech 174
  • Arts / Entertainment / Publishing 34
  • Hospitality / Travel 144
  • Real Estate 123
  • Human Resources 180
  • Restaurant / Food Service 48
  • Construction / Facilities 63
  • Insurance 42
  • Law Enforcement / Security 21
  • Sales 188
  • Education / Training 38
  • Legal 49
  • Telecommunications 109
  • Engineering / Architecture 92
  • Manufacturing / Mechanical 52
  • Transportation / Logistics 75
  • Marketing / Advertising / PR 135
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Auto is our Algorithm and the Magic happens with our Team

We believe the solution isn’t creating a better algorithm, but rather it is to pair the algorithm with our team of experts who optimize the job postings in real time using predictive behavioral analysis.

Our approach casts the widest net in the most targeted ways automagically translating your job posting to contain the most effective information - in real-time - creating a unique job search experience for both the job seeker and the employer, driving top candidates to your company. This in turn redefines the job search experience and re-engineers the job boards algorithmic filters.

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The Platform Power Play

Our behavioral planning platform engages candidates
using cutting edge advertising techniques.

At EAN we approach job searching through the experience of the job candidates. We complete daily data discoveries analyzing job searches, job posts, candidate click-thrus, time spent on site, and ultimately what makes a candidate apply.

We have discovered that when candidates search for a new opportunity, they typically take the following actions.

At EAN we capitalize on these behaviors by engaging candidates during each part of this cycle. We do this through job optimization, sophisticated emails and heat-seeking banners. Our timed approach drives guaranteed results and engages candidates across multiple communication channels.


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Retarget Candidates who have expressed interest intargeted roles & targeted locations


Our technology expands the
coverage & key locations


Alerting Candidates of all relevant career opportunities


Our technology automatically optimizes keywords based upon candidates search behavior

Once we've gathered the custom intelligence around your specific job advertising needs, we design a tailored strategy using the main components of our job advertising platform.

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We believe in our model so much
that we guarantee results

The combination of these powerful job-marketing tools maximizes your exposure to your target audience delivering higher quality candidates in mass quantities. The longer we run our campaigns the smarter it gets as we fine tune your strategy along the way based upon engagement levels.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Track Your Success

Confirm your Traffic, Applications, and Hires

We integrate with all levels of tracking analytics to measure your traffic, applications & hires. Tracking our client’s success is an absolute must as it allows us to control the performance and optimize each an every campaign according to the goals of our clients.

For more than a Decade we’ve been helping the worlds best brands – Large and Small. Solving Challenges from Pipeline Management, to Hard-to-Fill, to Nationwide Applicant Attraction.

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